Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steyn on Cap and Trade

"If George III had put the tea clause 247 pages into a 300-page amendment to a 1,000-page bill, he might still have the colonies. Wherever he is now, he must be laughing his head off. Republican government is impossible in an age where not only are the bills too long for a reasonably engaged citizen to read, not only are they too long for a legislator to read, but they’re too long to write down before they’re passed into law. We just have to trust our rulers, and they just have to trust whichever aides negotiated whichever boondoggles with whichever lobbyists. . . ." - from Mark Steyn's 'Jacksonian America'
It's true. Congress passed Cap and Trade before stenographers had even completed typing it. Welcome, again, to the era of more open and honest government. This Congress and this administration are a disgrace. My question is, how long do we put up with this corrupt, bloated, narcissistic band of criminals that populate Washington and feign to represent us?

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