Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pelosi and Carpet Bombing Washington

Nancy Pelosi, as quoted on ABCNews's The Note:
“I think it’s very clear that we want a strong public option in the legislation. Insurance companies are out there in full force carpet bombing, shock and awe, against a public option,” Pelosi said.
It would be easy just to laugh at this fool were she not the third most powerful politician in Washington. But, sadly, she is, and that's not a good reflection on us at all. I could tell you what I really think of this woman, but my mother may read this and she would not be proud of me for my honest criticism, I can tell you. So I will leave it at that.

As for her stupid ad hominem attempt at deflection and classic leftist creation of a big corporation bogeyman (how original . . . rolls eyes), let me just say that . . . would that it were so, Nancy, babe. Would that it were so.

[Disclaimer for anyone at the Department of Homeland Security who may be reading this: The River does not promote violence of any kind against anyone. Far from inciting violence, we wholeheartedly preach civil disobedience in manners of conscience. God bless you and have a nice day.]

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