Friday, July 10, 2009

Palin Quits! Good Riddance!

So many Leftists have peed themselves with joy over Sarah Palin's erstwhile departure from politics and the public scene that even a casual stroll on some of the pathways of American political punditry has become quite hazardous (and smelly!).

Nevertheless, I have taken a stroll down some of those paths and I have noticed some common themes.

Like the little lemmings that they are, the Leftists are all repeating similar things. The themes run along this vein - She's a quitter. She's a loser. She was always a lousy candidate. You see how she would have quit on America? What is she saying to our troops? She can't take a little heat? There must be a scandal about to hit that we don't know about yet. She better not ever run again now! . . . etc., etc., ad nauseum.


Their obsession over her is borderline neurotic. If what they say is true, why must they try so hard to convince everyone?


You go, Sarah! And if you disappeared from American life and culture and politics completely, you have already done enough to earn your way onto The River's collage. So, up you go, right beneath the Pistol.

I am certain we will hear more from you, though.

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