Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Taxes! Cap and Trade

My friend, James, over at the Manic Eclectic has written a timely piece on the farce of corporate taxes. You can go there and check out what he says on the topic. I'll sum it up for you (though James was much nicer than I am): Corporations don't pay taxes, you idiots, they just raise the prices of goods and services and the consumers are the ones who, in reality, pay the new taxes.

Understand that if the Senate passes the House bill and hands it over to Generalissimo Obama, cap and trade becomes law. It is the largest tax bill in American history and all of us will be paying those taxes. We will be paying them in our utility bills. We will be paying them at the pump. We will be paying for them at the grocery store. We will be paying for them in the price of all goods because it takes energy to produce and transport goods.

Remember when this was a free country? Our liberty is being raped and we are expected just to say "thank-you" for the attention.

Tyranny thy name is Obama.

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